Bulan, Sorsogon, October 7, 2009: As of latest count, a total of 3,991 Bulan senior citizens have already availed of the Senior Citizens IDs issued by the Local Government Unit to help the elderly avail of the benefits due them in accordance with the Senior Citizens Act. This count started since when Mayor Baby De Castro assumed office in 2004.

Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) Chairman Jose G. Tan expressed gratitude to the incumbent administration for the serious attention given to the needs of the elderly sector, and said that because of this, the members’ morale have been given a big boost.

The Senior Citizens ID has been mandated by law, and that every elderly must have the opportunity to avail of this privilege card. An elderly who is in possession of this ID can avail of discounts in drugstores, transportation fares, AND in restaurants entertainment places.

Mr. Tan noted of the extra attention by the Mayor to conduct dialogues with business establishments in Bulan to honor the said ID. He also said that Mayor De Castro really attended to many other activities of the elderly. She made sure that every barangay shall have its own barangay organization for the elderly. She also supported the federating of the different organizations like the GRETA (Government Retired Employees and Teachers Association), the FESCAP (Federation of Senior Citizens Affairs of the Philippines-Bulan Chapter), and the BASCA (Barangay Association of Senior Citizens Affairs). The elderly sector was consistently invited to actively participate in many community activities in Bulan, thus promoting the role of the senior citizens in guiding younger citizens in community-building.

Meanwhile, on September 25, 2009, the Provincial Federation of Senior Citizens, headed by Mr. Ramon Dreu, conducted their Third Quarterly Meeting at the Sabang Pavilion to discuss and update on the different senior citizens programs and laws. Mayor De Castro also attended the meeting.

On Monday, October 5, 2009, the OSCA sponsored the LGU’s Monday Flag Ceremony. Several numbers were presented by their members. PIO Antonio G. Gilana proudly introduced Mr. Romeo Guelas, a former world-rated champion boxer of Bulan, to the municipal employees, many of whom do not know him. He was warmly applauded.

On Tuesday, October 6, nine jeeploads of Senior Citizens from different chapters in Sorsogon visited Bulan and also made a trip to the Bulan Ecopark.

According to law, a person who has reached the age of 60 is already considered a senior citizen.


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