Bulan Coops conduct Koop Pagtiripon; contest winners announced

Bulan, Sorsogon, October 31, 2009: To culminate the Cooperative Month, the Municipal Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) held its KOOP Pagtiripon at the Sabang Pavilion on October 30, 2009. It was an opportunity for the cooperative sector of Bulan to gather together to learn more about cooperative updates, programs and practices, and was a venue for cooperatives and their members to establish partnerships and friendships among themselves, acquire business opportunities and/or contacts, linkages and networks.

MCDC Adviser Mrs. Joy Dellomas-Fundano said that it was also an event to highlight the MCDC’s winning of the second best-performing cooperative development council award in the Bicol Region.

Among those invited to the affair were all the registered cooperatives in Bulan. Also inited were Governor Sally A.Lee, Mr. Philip Deri, CDA Board Secretary from the National CDA Office, Dr. Anthony Bravo, CEO-SIDECO, and Ma. Luisa P. Mirasol, PCDC of Sorsogon.
Mayor Helen C. De Castro, who was responsible for resurrecting the MCDC of Bulan expressed her satisfaction for the MCDC’s performance. She acknowledged her appreciation to former Board Member Joy Dellomas-Fundano and Mrs. Melina “Joven” Gerona, who really committed themselves to improve the performance of the Council.(Read the Mayor’s Message, Click Office of the Mayor)

Meanwhile, the winners of the different contests in logo-making and poster-making, sponsored by the MCDC among students of Bulan schools were also announced during the affair. The themes of the contests were based on the MCDC’s mission and vision statements.

The following winners were:

For Poster-Making, Elementary Division:

First – Shapher Ann Gimao, BNCS-A (Coach: Mrs. Cecilia Mendez)
Second – Jessica Marie Geografo, BNCS-B (Coach: Mr. Manrico Mayores)
Third- Realyka Gerero, BNCS-B (Mr. Manrico Mayores)

For Logo-Making , High School Division:

First – Joseph Almoguerra, JPLaurel HS (Coach: Ms. Cherel Gimpao)
Second- Fernando Gutlay, Alcoba HS( Coach: Mr. Jeff Howell Mape)
Third – Kevin Bongalonta , SLI-KRAMS (Coach: Mrs. Nilda Gigantone)

For Poster-Making , Alternative Learning System:

First – Julius Gubaton , South District (Coach: Mr. Johny So)
Second- Arlyn Geranco, South District ( Coach: Mr. Johny So)
Third – Jonel Rogaodao, North District (Coach: Mr. Dandy Brenches)


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