Bulan studes, teachers shine in various contests

Bulan, Sorsogon, November 6, 2009: Mayor De Castro sent her congratulation to various Bulan high schools after their students and teachers brought home honors not only to their schools but to the community as well.

The Bulan National High School, Bulan’s largest high school, once more showed dominance in the various school competitions in the Division of Sorsogon.

Here are the results:

A. 2009 Division STEP Skills Development and Competition, Secondary Level, held on October 1-2, 2009 at the Bulan National High School, Twenty High Schools participated:

a. Dish Gardening, First Place = Jed Joseph Gojar, Beguin NHS
Second Place = Jared Recodig, Bulan NHS

b. Net Weaving, Second Place = Andrei Gentolia, JP Laurel HS
Fourth Place = Mateo A. Bon, Danao NHS
c. Table Skirting/Setting, First Place = Renard Lou Gragas, Bulan NHS
d. Hair Trimming/Facial Make-up, First = Menard G. Gelua, Otavi (FGlua)
e. Residential Wiring Installation, First = Edward Ranada, Bulan NHS
f. Miniature Food Stall, First = Ramilie Faith Goyala and John Albert
Villafranca, Bulan NHS

B. 2009 Division Schools Press Conference, Secondary Level, held on October 15-16, 2009 at the Casiguran Central School, Casiguran Town. All Public Secondary Schools participated:

The following Bulan National High School students, all members of the school organ The Gleam, under Teacher Ms. Evangeline B. Meteoro, made it to the conference’s Honor Roll:

a. English News Writing, Rank 1, Jassiel Joy Mape
b. English Feature Writing, Rank 3, Karen Espenocilla
c. English Editorial Writing, Rank 2, Patricia Nicole Carmela Razo
d. English Editorial Cartooning, Rank 2, Jobel Gojit
e. Filipino Editorial Cartooning, Rank 1, Bryan Gersalia
f. English Copyreading, Headline Writing, Rank 3, Edric Ian Vargas

g. English Broadcasting: Sheena Alicante, Aina Tolero, Arvin De La Rosa, Tracy Ann Jardin, Patrice Franceisca Meili Razo, Robert Vince Rapi, Michael Gigantone; Coach – Ms. Evangeline B. Meteoro

C. 2009 Division Science Quest, held on October 23-24, 2009 at the Casiguran Technical-Vocational HS, Casiguran Town:

a. Sci-Quiz, Fourth Year, First Place, Sheila Mae Gutierrez, Bulan NHS
Second Place, Mary Jane Andes, Bulan NHS
b. Sci-Quiz, Teacher Category, Third Place, Cristina Guanizo, Ma. Charlene
Dipad, Bulan NHS
c. Sci-Dama, First Year, Second Place, Deryl Barsaga, Bulan NHS
d. Sci-Dama, First Year Teacher Category, Second Place, Ma. Leticia Espenilla, Bulan NHS
e. Sci-Dama, Second Year, Teacher Category, First Place, Mar.G. Guanizo, Faustino G. Glua (Otavi) NHS
f. Si-Dama, Parent Category, First place, Jonathan Goyala, Bulan NHS
g. Sci-Dama, Third Year, Second Place, John Peter B. Asis, Bulan NHS
h. Sci-Dama, Parent Category, First Place, Allen A. Rodriguez, Bulan NHS
i. Sci-Dama, Fourth Year, Teacher Category, April Gersalia, Bulan NHS
j. SIM, First Year Teacher Category, First Place, Ma. Letecia Espenilla & Cristina Guanizo, Bulan NHS
k. SIM, Fourth Year Teacher Category, First Place, Ma. Charlene Dipad & Willemen C. Oseo, Bulan NHS
l. IP Team, Third Place, Patricia Nicole Razo/ Fatima A. Alaon, Bulan NHS
Super Quiz Bee, Champion, Sheila Mae Gutierrez, Bulan NHS


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  1. Ramil

    Wow! Congratulations!

    Bulanenos Talents rocks!

    No doubt!

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