Butag residents praise Governor, Mayor, Barangay Officials for major barangay projects

Butag, Bulan, Sorsogon, November 1, 2009: Residents of this barangay, one of the biggest in Bulan, expressed satisfaction, thanks and praise to Governor Sally A. Lee, Mayor Helen C. De Castro and local officials and the barangay government headed by Punong Barangay Eddie Bejerano for various major barangay projects installed or constructed in the said community in only a year. These included the construction of a water system, the concreting of a 1,000-meter road to the entrance of the barangay site, the energization of Sitio Angas, and improvements at the Butag Barangay High School.

The potable water system that now supplies water to the residents in the barangay was a joint effort by the Butag barangay council and the Local Government Unit. Mayor De Castro provided for a financial counterpart to be able to purchase materials for the completion of the waterworks while the barangay purchased the lot where the water source was.

The 1,000-meter road pavement was constructed by the provincial government through Governor Sally A. Lee, while the energization of Sitio Angas was courtesy of a joint effort by the Butag council, the SORECO I, and the PDAF from Congressman Jose Solis. Many of the improvements in the Butag High School was brought about by the leadership of the PTCA with the help of the school authorities, the barangay officials and Mayor Baby De Castro.

Butag residents have expressed satisfaction that since the assumption of the Butag leaders in 2007, the community has been unified especially in many community undertakings and projects. Punong Barangay Eddie Bejerano has shown zeal in realizing the projects through networking and sourcing with agencies.


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