COMELEC to announce final Bulan voters count soon

Bulan, Sorsogon, November 10, 2009: Roughly 40,000 voters in Bulan shall participate in next year’s election on May 10, 2010. This according to the statement released by the Bulan Comelec registrar, Ms. Claire Salut. However, this is only an estimate since the final count of registered voters shall only be released by the end of November. Comelec is still to process, by computer, transferees to and from other voting areas, the COMELEC official said.

Ms. Salut said that some 1,000 voters tried to beat the deadline during the last week of registration which ended on October 31. However, some 5,000 voters were deactivated from the list. These included voters who were not able to vote in the last two elections, and those who already died also have to be purged from the list. Ms. Ssalut said that once the final list has been done it shall be made public.

Bulan has the biggest voting population next only to Sorsogon City in the whole province. In the 2007 election, there were some 44,000 registered voters.


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