From: Tonyboy Gilana, Bulan PIO

Bulan, Sorsogon, December 11, 2009: We are here furnishing our internet readers, particularly Bulanenos and Sorsoguenos, of the complete list of provincial/congressional candidates who filed with the Provincial Comelec Office to run in the forthcoming May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections:


1. Amadeo “Ding” S. Brin, Philippines Green Republican Party;

2. Ramon “Monching” M. Gallinera, Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party

3. Felizardo “Feliz” G. Garil, Alpha Omega 9K Party

4. Antonio “Tony” V. Imperial, Independent

5. Sally A. Lee, Lakas-Kampi CMD

6. Jose G. Solis, Kampi Party


1. Guillermo “Guiming” O. De Castro, Lakas-Kampi -CMD

2. Rosario “Cherry” D. Diaz, Kampi Party

3. Antonio “Kruni” H. Escudero, NPC/Liberal Party

4. Nida F. Gamos, Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party

5. Mirafe D. Godisan, Alpha Omega 9K Party


1. Abitria, Edgar M, Independent
2. Amor, Owen B., Kampi Party
3. Anonuevo, Rolando, R, Lakas-Kampi CMD
4. Aquino, Rebecca DL. , Liberal Party
5. Borromeo , Nonito, Jr. , J, Kampi
6. De Hitta, Joseph G., Kampi
7. De Jesus, Gregorio M., NPC/ Liberal Party
8. Dioneda, Mark Eric, C., Liberal Party
9. Duran, Fernando David III, Lakas-Kampi CMD
10. Hitta, Marife L. Independent
11. Laguna, Ferdinand E. , Kampi Party
12. Lotino, Eddie O., KBL
13. Lucila, Raul M. PDP Laban
14. Marianito, Ramil A. Nacionalista Party
15. Merciales, Antonio R. NPC/Liberal Party
16. Perete, Arnulfo L., Liberal Party
17. Ravanilla, Franco Eric Ong, Liberal Party


1. Barrun, Rolando G., Independent
2. Camposano, Gina F, Kampi Party
3. Doma, Benito, L., Lakas-Kampi CMD
4. Escandor, Angel E., Lakas Kampi CMD
5. Flores, Mariam D. Kampi Party
6. Frivaldo, Francisco G., Lakas Kampi CMD
7. Frivaldo, Juanita T. AksyonDemokratiko/Liberal
8. Frivaldo, Vladimir Ramon B., Kampi Party
9. Fungo, Salvador G. Independent
10. Genova, Angelita A. Alpha Omega 9K Party
11. Gois, Joey L. , Liberal Party
12. Gonzales, Toby A. , Lakas Kampi CMD
13. Guban, Renato DV, Lakas Kampi CMD
14. Guyala, Albino G., Kampi Party
15. Laguna , Theophane, E., Independent
16. Lopez, Saturnino L. Independent
17. Reyea, Carlos M., Kampi Party
18. So, Gino G. , LP/NPC


1. Escudero, Salvador H. , NPC

2. Hamor, Edwin B., Nacionalista Party


1. De Guzman, Flocerfida A, Kampi Party

2. Escalante, Edmundo H., PMP

3. Gavanzo, Rosario G., Alpha Omega 9K Party

4. Glipo, Arze G. , Partido Demikratiko Pilipino Lakas ng Bayan

5. Golpeo, Ricardo G., NPC

6. Guysayko, Juan G., Nacionalista Party

7. Ong, Sappho Gillego, Independent

8. Ramos, Cyril E., Independent

9. Ramos, Deogracias, B., Liberal Party

Meanwhile, in Sorsogon City, it will be a fight between incumbent Mayor Leovic Dioneda (Liberal Party)and the incumbent Vice-Mayor Edmundo Atutubo(PMP) for the mayoralty, while the Governor’s son Bobet Lee( Lakas Kampi CMD) will slug it out against incumbent councilor Roel Sta. Ana (Independent).

There are three councilorial districts in Sorsogon City, East, West and Bacon District. A total of 56 candidates will vie for the councilorial positions.

In Barcelona Town, Second District, Incumbent Mayor Salvador Estuye (Kampi) will try for a second term on an one-on -one battle against Provincial Administrator Manuel “Wowo” Fortes ( Nacionalista Party). There are four vice-mayoralty candidates and 21 candidates for councilor.

In Donsol Town, home of the world-famous Butandings or whale-sharks. Incumbent Mayor Jerome Alcantara (Liberal Party) will fight against three other mayoralty candidates: former Mayor Salve Ocaya (Lakas Kampi CMD), Incumbent Vice-Mayor Cleofe Migdonio (Aksyon Demokratiko/Liberal Party) and Pancho Abitria of Kampi Party. There are three vice-mayoralty candidates and 31 candidates for the municipal council.

Other Sorsogon towns will follow in our next PIO news release.


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