Hundreds of mentors attend 6th Bulan Teachers’ Day 2009; Outstanding Teachers selected

Bulan, Sorsogon, December 11, 2009: It was the most well-attended Bulan Teachers’ Day so far as hundreds of mentors from almost all the schools of Bulan, both public and private, gather together on a day intended to celebrate a great profession and  raise a salute to our community’s silent heroes. They came donned in shirts of  different colors, and they happily convened and chattered just like the children and students they teach everyday.  And in formal ceremonies in  the evening, the best among them was awarded as the 2009 Outstanding Teachers of Bulan.

The Bulan Teachers’ Day, a project to honor the community’s teachers and educators every Second Friday of December, was conceptualized, realized and launched  by Mayor Helen C. De Castro in 2004, and has since become one of the most anticipated teachers’ activity in Bulan. It has even been acknowledged in 2005 by no less than  President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a very notable activity for teachers. Mayor de Castro believes that despite the many problems affecting the education system and the teachers’ sector, at least this is one venue for the local government unit to sincerely recognize their efforts and sacrifices for our people and the community. In the province and perhaps in the Bicol Region, it is only in Bulan where a teachers’ day has been institutionalized.

Every year, the LGU event was being co-sponsored and co-organized by different schools or school clusters. This year, it is the turn of the Sorsogon State College-Bulan Campus and the Private Elementary and Secondary Schools of Bulan. Several activities were lined up the whole day for the teachers to participate and enjoy and, of course, learn from.

Teachers’Day  today began with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Immaculate Conception Parish Church, followed by a Parade around the Poblacion. Marching bands and the drum and lyre corps of different schools added color , pomp and pageantry to the parade. The parade proceeded to the Sabang Community Park where the bands and the drum corps presented wonderful exhibitions to the delight of the huge crowds in Sabang.

After a brief respite from the parade, other activities followed. The teachers, by schools or districts, pitted  skills and talents against each other  in different fungames, ballgames and athletics, as well as in academics like essay-writing and quiz bee. Of course, the snacks and meals, as well as the giggles, were aplenty.

In the evening, the sponsoring schools proudly presented the traditional Cultural Show. It was a kaleidoscope of colors and costumes, as well as a night of native music and dances that were offered the audience, the teachers. These shows were for them.

After the Cultural Show was the  Formal Program for the Awarding Ceremonies of the Outstanding Teachers of Bulan 2009. Selected as this year’s outstanding mentors were Mr. Jose Gubat, Jr. of  San Jose Primary School and Mr. Emmanuel Gueta of A. Bonifacio Primary School in the Pre-school Category; Mr. Rogelio Golimlim, Jr. of Bulan South Central School, Mrs. Maridez Guran of Bulan North Central School –B, and Mr. Edmon S. Morata of the BSCS Special Education Class, in the Elementary School Category, and Mr. Rino Orr of the Bulan National High School in the Secondary Level. No nominations were received in the Tertiary Level.

Dr. Remigio G. Tee, a Bulaneno and a very eminent educator-scientist now teaching at the Mindanao State University in Iligan City is this year’s keynote speaker and guest of honor.

Mayor Helen C. De Castro, Vice-Mayor Manuel Gogola, Division Superintendent for Sorsogon Dr. Marilyn Dimaano, SB Member Jolife Dellomas and SSC Campus Director Dr. Oscar Carinola all delivered speeches honoring the teachers of Bulan and all the teachers of the world.

Philippine Champion in storytelling, BNCS-A Grade III pupil Shaina Marie O. Villareal  impressed the crowd with her excellent delivery of a  story honoring teachers and the teaching profession.

This year’s Panel of Judges for the Search for Outstanding Teachers were PIO Antonio G. Gilana, Kgd. Jolife Dellomas, and Retired Municipal Treasurer Mrs. Sonia G. Revilla.

Mayor Helen De Castro announced that next year’s co-sponsor shall be the Bulan South District.

Thanks giving Mass for teachers.


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