We are here publishing the list of the Outstanding Teachers of Bulan who were given awards during the 6th Bulan Teachers’ Day on December 11, 2009, at the Bulan Freedom Park:


1. JOSE F. GUBAT, JR., of Barangay Cocok-Cabitan, was nominated by Emmanuel H. Gutay, District Pre-School Coordinator of the Bulan North District and Ms. Maritess G. Hipos of San Jose, Calomagon Primary School. He is a Pre-school Teacher of the San Jose, Calomagon Primary School. He has been teaching for 11 years now.

Despite the meagerness of his honorarium as a Pre-school Teacher, Mr. Gubat has shown and exemplified dedication and efficiency as a teacher. Pre-school teachers have to produce and prepare their own instructional materials, as Mr. Gubat does, and he has also managed to coach his wards to perform satisfactorily in many pre-school contests. Yet , he still has time to balance his teaching time with other concerns in his community. He is at the same time  a Lay Minister, a Pastoral Moderator and a Facilitator  of various church activities in his parish.

His idea of education is that education liberates society and that it is a key

to knowing what is true.

2. EMMANUEL G. GUETA: 31, Single, of Barangay Sta. Remedios, has been teaching pre-school for ten years at the A. Bonifacio Elementary School. He was nominated by the Bulan North District Pre-school Coordinator Mr. Emmanuel H. Gutay and A. Bonifacio  Teacher –in-Charge OIC Mr. Eduard B. Goboli. Aside from his intense devotion to his teaching activities, resourcefulness and self-reliance  are the attributes of which Mr. Gueta is known in his school community. He managed to improve his pupils’ classroom despite the fact that he has also very meager honorarium from the community. His relationship with the his pupils and their  parents is outstanding. He is known as a very kind, dedicated teacher.


1. MRS. MARIDEZA M. GURAN, a Master Teacher II of the Bulan North Central School-A, was the school’s official nominee, this because of her dedication and commitment as a teacher. She has been in the teaching profession for the last 25 years, and can be relied upon by her colleagues in the service, having been a demonstration teacher in innovative teaching techniques and classroom management. She sees to it that teaching is a satisfying experience for her students, and that the native endowments and hidden potentials of those under her care be discovered, bringing out the best in them.

2. MR. ROGELIO A. GOLIMLIM. JR., a Master Teacher I of the Bulan South Central School, has already been in the teaching service for the last 21 years and has an outstanding performance, both professional and personality,  rating by his school officials in the last three years. He has equipped himself well with the various skills enhancement and competency programs necessary to be an effective, affective and efficient teacher, and he has attended to many other concerns of the school especially in extracurricular undertakings that help much in the development of  their  students. For over nine years now, we see him as the familiar face religiously attending to his drum and lyre corps pupils. Simple as these activities may seem, yet they impress in us  of devotion and dedication to the extra duties of a teacher often uncompensated and unnoticed.

3. MR. EDMON S. MORATA, is a Special Education Teacher of the Bulan South District. He is  in a difficult but also very special and heroic situation as a teacher to poor Children with Special Needs. He teaches the hearing-impaired in the morning, the visually-impaired in the afternoon. But even before he came to Bulan South, he has a nine-year previous teaching and learning contacts with the deaf and the mentally-handicapped in Baguio and Manila. It is not easy to handle these children whose behavior and tantrums were far from ordinary, but Edmon was endowed with so much love, patience and dedication for these children and he has touched and changed their lives, including their families.

Mr. Morata, with the support of his administrators, was very much instrumental in  helping improve the SpEd classes at the Bulan South District.


1. MR. RINO G. ORR, Teacher I, of the Bulan National High School, is already twenty-two years in service, and is  selected on the basis of a commendable record in terms of personal character, instructional competence, and teaching effectiveness. As a classroom teacher, he is known for his commitment and dedication in his profession. As a Professional Teacher, he serves in various functions as Demonstration Teacher, Resource Speaker, Values Education Coordinator, and many other school and extra-curricular activities. He teaches remedial classes. And there are times when the headship of the school is entrusted to him when the principal is out for official business. It is his professional and personal record that speaks for him as a teacher and educator, and is therefore a source of emulation not only to the school and the students, but to the community as well.

Mr. Jose Gubat poses for a picture before receiving his Outstanding Teacher Award.

Mr. Emmanuel Gueta receives his award from Mayor Baby De Castro and Vice Mayor Awel Gogola.

Mrs. Marideza Guran receiving her award from Superintendent Dr. Marilyn Dimaano.


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  1. Edmo Morata

    The Bulan website is very helpful especially to those who want to be informed regarding the progress our hometown has achieved.
    May the honorable Mayor with her loyal staff continue to give Bulanenos the progress we want.
    Thanks and Godbless.

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