Bulaneno community in the U.S. sends shipment of gifts to Bulan

Bulan, Sorsogon, January 6, 2009: How wonderful it is to know and feel that even if Bulanenos are far away from home they do not forget their fellow Kabubungtos down here. It warms the heart indeed.

This as news was received of an incoming shipment of gifts due to arrive at the Cebu International Port by January 18th.  The donated items came from many Bulanenos now living in the United States, who made the effort of collecting different items to send here and be used by our local institutions.

Ma. Alice Santos-Alino, Chief Fundraising Organizer from Oroville, California, together with her family, and Cecille Manalac, helped pool into one the efforts of many other individual  Bulanenos and groups from various parts of the States.

Various items like books, medical and hospital supplies, clothes, toys, computers and accessories and many others are due to be distributed to many groups here in Bulan like the Bulan Library, the Bulan South Central School Special Education Center, MSWDO Center for the Disabled and Differently-abled Persons, Rural Health Unit, Barangay Otavi Lying-in Clinic, Barangay San Francisco Lying-in Clinic, MSWDO, Youth Enhancement Center of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception Church.

Mayor Helen De Castro and Municipal Administrator Luis De Castro, who happens to be in Cebu for a national convention on coastal resource management  by the time the shipment arrives, are due to pick up the goods. And even here in the Philippines, other Bulanenos, like Erlinda and Carling  Corsiga offered their help to transport to Bulan from Cebu the shipment.

In Oroville, California, several key community organizations helped in the effort like St. Thomas the Apostle School, St. Thomas the Apostle Church parishioners, Knights of Columbus, Interact Club from Oroville High School, Boy Scouts, Oroville Library and many others. Forty-three volunteers turned up to help sort, pack, carry and heave cargo. Even the community media  like Channel 12/24 came to shoot live footage, and so did the Mercury Register of Oroville and the Enterprise Record of Chico City to write on the activity.

Bulanenos who made possible this wonderful gesture were, aside from Alice’s (Monette, Alice’s husband,  and son Niko) and Cecille’s families were Gary De Castro, Cynthia Francisco-Talarico, Lorraine, Romy and Sandra Francisco, Maricar Opena-Gritter, Naomi Honasan- Nicdao, Dalmy Francisco, Eddie Broquesa, Raul and Nellie Tariga, Teresa Baldillio-Tariga. Funds from the Bulan Reunion activities of 2002 in  Vallejo, California, and 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada ( thru  Minnie Ramos-Wimperis) were also used in paying the shipping costs.


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