Ex-Governor Raul Lee substitutes for wife as Sorsogon gubernatorial candidate

Sorsogon City, December 15, 2009: In a sudden twist of events, incumbent Sorsogon Governor Sally A. Lee (Lakas-Kampi-CMD), gave up her bid to run for another term, when she filed yesterday at the provincial Comelec a certificate of withdrawal of her candidacy in favor of her husband, former three-termer Governor Raul Lee. December 14 was the last day for filing of substitute candidates by COMELEC-accredited parties.

Political analysts here said that with the entry of the former Governor, the opposition, led by Second District Congressman Jose G. Solis , running under the Kampi Party  is in for a real run for their money as the former governor is seen as a more formidable force than his wife. While Governor Sally was seen as having done much for the province in her single term as governor, the ex-governor is believed to be a more unifying force on account of his political keenness and relationship with key political leaders all over the province. He never lost touch with all his political allies, and has continuously observed and participated in major political developments in the province.

While Lee is in for a tough fight in Bulan town, since Solis is from this place, which has a voting population of 46,000, the second biggest in the province, this was neutralized by the partnership with Lee of Bulan ex-mayor Guiming De Castro as vice-gubernatorial candidate. Analysts say Solis may win in Bulan but not with a margin big enough to carry him to victory. The De Castro camp promises a surprise win  in Bulan for Lee, who has himself been beloved to the local populace.



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2 responses to “Ex-Governor Raul Lee substitutes for wife as Sorsogon gubernatorial candidate

  1. Joe Average

    Kung ano ang itinanim, siyang aanihin. Ito ang nangyari kay Joey Solis ngayong araw na ito. Marahil di pa alam masydo ng publiko ang desisyon ng Sandigan Bayan. Ito ay dapat maipahayag sa tao ang pagkamkam at pagnanakaw sa ating mga taga 2nd District ng Sorsogon.

    Ang kanyang pang-aapi at pagpapahiya kina X-Mayor Guiming at Mayora Helene De Castro ay natapos din. Sino ang mas nakakahiya ngayon?Di ba’t ang Kongresista natin.Sana ay magising ang taong bayan na huwag nang bumoto sa taong may graft at falsification of Public Documents.Wow!Ang karma dumating doble. To those who have filed the case, I thank you for putting in jail the multi robbers in our society.

    Joe average

  2. Joey Solis

    Of all people naman, my name has been dragged to mess.I don’t know this Cong. Joey Solis. I was shocked to read javerage’s message in the forum. Well, though we have the same name, mine is clean, his is a trash. I wonder where did Congressman put the stolen money – at the Solis Foundation or in the foundation under the slight cemented road leading to Antipolo where two houses benefited. A convicted criminal should be imprisoned however parole shouldn’t be applied to him. A man who clings to much power end up karma clings to him. To all bulanenos, this is the time to think twice whom to vote for and where to put our future. To may tokayo, you’re fired!!!!!!!!!!!!

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